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The Promising Indian’s Society is a registered body under the Indian Trust Act 1882. The organisation has been established to recognize and reward the success stories of Indians and Persons of Indian Origin who are making a mark with their work worldwide and provide a platform for equal-for-all networking and collaborative business opportunities to all Indians across the globe.While they have been gathering accolades and applause, there is always an iota of hope left for their homeland. “Pravasis” or Non-Resident Indians, who have been living abroad throughout their lives, always yearn for a warm homecoming. This December, Promising Indian Society (PIS) sets the stage and unrolls a red carpet to applaud and acknowledge the NRI/PIO community from across the globe.

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The Promising Indians Awards are India’s flagship awards for recognizing and rewarding the success stories of Indians and Persons of Indian Origin who are making a mark with their work worldwide. This event is designed to be a celebration of excellence as well as a coming together of the Indian diaspora to collaborate for a better and brighter future.


Society offers membership to those Individuals and organizations who are looking for expansion. We provide authenticated and trustworthy connect with corporate partners, within India as well as overseas.

Biography 25

The Promising Indian Society will feature 25 unsung Indian personalities who have been doing their bit to “give back to the society”. They have been doing their bit and now, it’s our turn to applaud them on home turf. To know more about such individuals, their lives story, timeline, trivia and interesting facts, you just have to breeze through the list of biographies mentioned in the Coffee Table Book.


Some heroes fly under the radar. We create stories of Unsung Heroes of Motherland India. They are not celebs, you will not find them on the main stage but they are contributing to the wellness of the country. We spread stories of icons through articles and video Blogs because they act nobly. Their lives inspire.
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About The Founder & President

Prerna Singh is a young and dynamic management professional and the author of various books, articles, and whitepapers. She has also successfully managed the publication of numerous journals and magazines of international repute. She has laid the foundation of the Promising Indians’ Society with a vision to bridge the communication gap among the PIOs, NRIs and citizens of India and to connect them on a platform that would present innovative and lucrative business opportunities to all and augment their socioeconomic opportunities. The main aim of the Society is to unite Indians globally and bring them together and to applaud them for their outstanding achievements. The Society will celebrate their success in India and thereby, help aspiring Indians and organizations to carry forward their legacies in different spheres of professional lives. Prerna is supported in her endeavor by her unique strength of innovation and ability to strategize and leads a team of competent professionals to execute her strategy at the ground level. Prerna is also working on a unique coffee table book – ‘Promising Indians’ Biographies’ – that shall feature the life stories of eminent and successful Indians.

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India is an idea and the idea of India found root much before it found its geography. From the earliest people who inhabited this great land and made it their home to those who later left to soar to other skies, the seeds of India got dispersed across all lands; thus, giving birth to the Indian diaspora. Today, the non-resident Indian community is a successful, bustling and spectacular assortment of people settled in all corners of the earth, yet belonging to India and with a longing for their beloved country. They are doctors, technocrats, political and social activists, entrepreneurs, scientists, educators etc; and no matter what they are, they are perpetuating the success of India with their own achievements. In a homecoming of sorts, and to applaud them on the home turf, the Promising Indians’ Society will feature 25 Indians who have been doing their bit to ‘give back to the society’ in the coffee table book “Biography 25’.

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